Who Is Kinker Appraisal Services, Inc?

logoKinker Appraisal Services Inc. has been providing valuation services for Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial properties for over 30 years. Established in 1970 by Jack Kinker, it was incorporated and is now under the management of Vickie Turpin.

Vickie Turpin has been in the appraisal business since 1982. She holds a Missouri Certified General Appraisal License and a Missouri Real Estate Person License. Vickie is a member of the East Central Board of Realtors. This membership provides many valuable tools needed to provide you with a market supported appraisal.

Kinker Appraisal Services, Inc. is based in Troy, Missouri, which gives us convenient access to the five county areas that the we service on a daily basis.

Kinker Appraisal Services Inc. works with the St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln, Pike, and Montgomery Counties on a regular basis, and on a case-by-case basis is willing to cover other areas in Missouri as well. We specialize in Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Divorce, Estate, Condemnation / Right of Way, and others.

Our clients consist of local and national leaders, local municipalities, Attorneys, CPA’s, and individuals.

Vickie Turpin has been an expert witness in the following circuit court systems:

Boone County
Clayton County
Lincoln County
Pike County
St. Charles County
Warren County
Appraiser Licensing

Appraiser licensing varies from State to State. To participate in what is a called a “federally-related transaction”, which is: for example, mortgage being underwritten by a national bank, an appraiser must be licensed or certified by his or her state. the license or certification is evidence that the appraiser has performed a certain number of hours as a trainee under the supervision of a practicing appraiser, has passed an examination, and completed a certain number of hours of continued education training.

We take our license very seriously. Vickie Turpin is a State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser with the State of Missouri. Vickie also maintains an IFA designation with the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers. The NAIFA is an association of professional real estate appraisers committed to the support of its members, for a service of trust and integrity that benefits the members, the profession, and the general public. The association’s objectives are to raise the standards of the appraisal profession, to exchange experiences and ideas to the betterment of the profession and public, to maintain and encourage a code of ethics of the highest standard for members, to gain recognition for its members as qualified professionals, and to promote fellowship among appraisers.

Vickie Turpin holds an SR/WA Senior Designation with the International Association of Right Way. This association since its inception has united the efforts of its members toward professional development, strong ethics and improved service to employers and the public, along with advancements within the right of way profession. IRWA is the unsurpassed source of right of way educational programs and professional services worldwide.

Vickie Turpin was awarded the Frank C. Balfour Professional of the Year Award in 1998. This award is named after the association’s founder, Frank C. Balfour, and it honors professionals who has demonstrated exemplary support to the association. Nominated by the IRWA’s local chapters, candidates are submitted to the INEC for consideration and a maximum of six (6) finalists are selected. The INEC selects the winner based on:

Outstanding contribution made through leadership positions in the chapter, regional and international levels.
Fulfillment of educational courses and activities.
Participation in association regional and international activities.
Achievement of IRWA professional designations
Vickie has worked hard to establish a reputation for quality work service. You should never just look for a licensed appraiser; you should be working with Vickie.